Want to attend Walk in Interview in dubai? The Ultimate Guide

How To Prepare For A Walk-in-Interview? The Ultimate Guide

The interview is an interview no matter if it is scheduled or a walk-in. Therefore, there must be some preparation regarding how you should behave in an interview. Although no one can tell you about the situation behind the interview door with 100% certainty, there are some standard things that you should be aware of. Walk-in interviews are trending in Dubai and both, employers, as well as employees, prefer such interviews over scheduled ones. We are going to talk about a few tips on how to prepare for a walk-in interview in Dubai.


1) Know About Job Details

Keep in mind that you are not gonna be the only one for a walk-in interview regarding a specific post but there will be your competitors as well. You can increase your chances of success if you will have complete details about the company and the job for which you want to apply. You must not go for a walk-in interview without any preparation or knowledge about the company.

2) Be Prepared For The Interview

Another important thing to consider is to prepare you for a walk-in interview. If you are not prepared well then you are one of those candidates who keep on waiting for an offer letter but never receive any. Be prepared before the day of the interview, think about what kind of questions you may be asked, which things you have to keep along, and which dress code is usually preferred in the culture of that organization. You must have the following things with you before going for a walk-in interview.

  1. Pen
  2. Passport size photographs
  3. Resume Copies
  4. Copies of your academic degrees


3) Be Confident

Be confident while preparing yourself for a walk-in interview in Dubai. Although there will be many other candidates who would be seeking a job in the same post you should feel like you are the only one who is going to be selected. Once you will have such thinking, you will not lose your confidence during the walk-in interview and that will impress your employer. Keep in your mind that the sole purpose of such interviews is to choose the best candidate in the least formal settings. Do not underestimate yourself in any way and feel like you are the best choice for the specific job.

4) Give Your Best

You have to give your best and you can only do it if you are well-prepared. Acknowledge yourself about the information about the company, about the company’s culture and ethics, about management, and most importantly the information about specific jobs. Maintain eye contact with the employer during the interview because eye contact presents your confidence. Be clear and fluent in speaking and do not feel shy.


Whether you have to prepare for a scheduled interview or a walk-in interview, you must prepare yourself beforehand. Every organization has its own ethics and cultures hence try to explore such things so that you can behave appropriately and can impress your employer. If you follow the above-mentioned steps then your chances to be selected for a specific job will increase.

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